South Elementary 2021 Spelling Bee Winners

picture of spelling bee winners 3rd-5th grade

3rd-5th grade

2nd- Karli A., 3rd- Bridgett T., 1st -Ethan M.

1st-2nd grade

2nd- Keaton P., 1st- Grant P., 3rd- Quinn R.


2020 Spelling Bee Winners! Congratulations

3rd-5th Grade

Picture of the 3-5th grade spelling bee winners

1st- Jack P.

2nd- Ethan M.

3rd- Jacoby W.

1st-2nd Grade

Picture of the 1st & 2nd grade spelling bee winners

1st- Bridget T.

2nd- Evelyn B.

3rd- Quinn R.

2019 South Spelling Bee Winners

Good job everyone who participated in the South Spelling Bee for all your hard work studying and practicing.

Congratulations to our South Elementary Spelling Bee winners!

Picture of 1st- 2nd grade spellin bee winners 1st-2nd grade Winners

 1st PLace- Karli A.

2nd Place- Grayson J.

Picture of 3rd- 5th grade spelling bee winners 3rd-5th grade winners

1st Place- Jack P.

2nd Place- Alanah C.

3rd PLace- Alex E.

4th Place- Ellie L.