Student Appearance

 A student’s dress and appearance should not cause a disruption or distract from the educational process or create a health of safety concern. 

  • Students are to dress in a neat and appropriate manner.
  • Hats or head coverings are not to be worn at school.
  • Shorts and skirts must reach down to mid-thigh.
  • Clothing tops should cover shoulders, stomach, front and back.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times. No flip-flops and No Heelies (shoes with wheels in the sole that allow them to function as a skate).  

Excessive makeup or face paint, excessive, dangerous, or distracting body piercing, or distracting hairstyles or hair colors are not permitted.  

Attendance/Being on Time 

A student’s regular attendance is the highest determining factor of school success. Being on time every day is found to be as important to classroom success as is attending regularly.  

School secretaries will not be calling to verify absences. Please make sure to call the school office by 9:30 to excuse your student or they will be marked unexcused and the automated system will alert parents.

Student Check-Out

If a student needs to be checked out before the end of the school day, parents will need to come to the main office and show a form of picture ID and sign out student on sign out log. If the person picking up a student is not the parent, prior parental  approval is required and the person picking the student up must be on the authorized Power School contact list or they will not be allowed to take the student. Students will not be called to the office prior to parents actually coming in to the building to sign them out. Please plan your pick-up time such that you have time to come in the building and sign the necessary documentation. 

Electronic Devices

South Elementary allows students to have electronic devices at school but they need to be turned off from the start of school until dismissal. Students will be allowed to use such devices only with the permission of the teacher during the school day. These devices are not permitted during lunch and during transition times. Use of electronic devices without teacher permission will result in their confiscation (this includes watches that are linked to cell phones) and will follow the policy below.

  • First time – Student is reminded of the rules and their device will be returned at the end of the day.

  • Second time – Student will not get their device back until a parent comes in to claim it from the office.

Parent/Teacher Communication

Most teachers have a classroom blog.  Newsletters are posted on these blogs. If you do not have access to the internet, please let your child’s teacher know and a hard copy will be provided.  If you are not receiving these, ask your child to bring them home to you, or call the school and let the teacher know. Newsletters inform you of subject areas being taught, future field trips and important events.  Teachers are available to take your call between 8:00 to 8:30 am or 3:30 to 4:00 pm. The school number is 586-2850.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency drills are conducted in accordance with the policy on Emergency Preparedness Plan for the Utah State Office of Education.

  • Evacuation – In case of evacuation from the building, students stay with their teacher until notification is given to send them on the bus for home or release them to their parents. In case of inclement weather we have been given permission to walk with the students to the Southern Utah University’s America First Arena, where students will wait for the buses or for their parents to pick them up.
  • The South Elementary PTA has provided each teacher a bucket with emergency supplies. Students are asked at the beginning of the school year to bring a small sack with food supplies in it for emergency use. In case of a natural disaster, students will stay with their teacher with the emergency supplies and food until parents arrive.
  • Lock Down Procedure – When the code is given over the intercom teachers will lock all doors in their immediate area and wait until the all clear is given.

Field Trips:

Trips are planned for educational purposes and are closely tied to the State Core Curriculum. A permission slip will be sent home to be signed by parents giving approval for their child to attend any field trip. Students will not go on a field trip without a permission slip.

Student Injury:

The Iron County School District does not carry an accident insurance policy for students. Students shall be covered by their parent’s medical plan or parents should apply for the students’ accident insurance. These forms are available at the school.

When a student is involved in an accident, the parents will be called. Parents must make emergency numbers available to the school so they can be reached in the event of an accident. If the parents cannot be reached, the principal or a representative will call the family doctor, or take the student to the emergency room.

Recess and Sickness – If students are well enough to come to school, they should be well enough to participate in outside recess. If they have been sick, instruct them to wear their coat and hat outside. Regulations do not permit students to stay in the building, unsupervised while the teacher is outside with the class.

Medications – Medications are rarely necessary for pupils during the school day. They are justified in some chronic health conditions or short-term acute health conditions. Written parental permission and a physician’s order must be provided, giving the school district authorization to administer medications. Medications should never be sent with a student, but should be brought to the school by an adult.

Lunch and Breaks

The lunch break is structured so that students have 25 minutes to play, followed by a 15 minutes to sit down and eat their lunch. Through experience, this has been the most effective approach. If lunch is first, the students typically eat a quick few bites and throw the rest away to get to play time. This causes problems for learning in the afternoon when they are now hungry. Fifteen minutes is a sufficient amount of time to eat unless they get talking too much. Please remind your child to make sure they make their best effort to use eating time to finish their lunch.

There are three structured breaks throughout the school day. One in the morning, one at lunch time, and one in the afternoon. We feel strongly that students need this time to relax, explore, and process the many great things they have been learning. The American Academy of Pediatrics believes that recess is a crucial and necessary component of a child’s development.

Class Parties/ Birthdays

Teachers will keep parties to a minimum, but may have a brief celebration for special holidays.

Birthdays will not be celebrated with parties, but the teacher and classmates may give students recognition on their birthday. Balloons and other special recognition sent to the school from home are not encouraged, but will be given to the student at the end of the school day. Please no birthday grams.

Please do not send birthday invitations to school, it is very disappointing to the students who do not receive an invitation. Gifts should not be exchanged at school for the same reason.

If parent would like to check their student out for lunch on their birthday, they need to follow check out procedure. They may only Check out their own student.

Personal Belongings

Students should leave toys, make-up, roller blades, skates, scooters and valuables at home. All items that they bring to school such as: coats, hats, gloves, lunch boxes, book bags, etc., should be labeled with their name and phone number. We have many valuable items left at school every year and we would prefer to get them back home to you.

Bicycles must be padlocked to the bike racks to prevent theft during the day. 

Office Phone Policy

We only have one phone line coming into the school, and with approximately 500 people in the building the phone is often busy. We realize that it is frustrating when you are unable to get through to the secretary or the principal. When calling the school please be brief and only call when it is very important.

Teachers are available to take your call between 8:00 to 8:30 am or 3:30 to 4:00 pm.

You may call the secretary and leave a message for teachers to call back when they are not teaching a lesson.

Picking up children from school:

There are four safe areas for parents to pick up their children in a vehicle after school.

  • Front of school (by the flagpole)
  • 450 West (PE field gate)
  • 500 South (upper playground gate)
  • 400 South lime green loading zone (lower playground gate)

 If you choose to park in the lots, you must meet your student at the school and walk them to your car. Students should not cross the parking lots unaccompanied. Students will not be allowed to wait for parents in the bus loading area because of safety issues.

  • It is important for parents to notify children in advance if they will be picked up and to tell them in which area they should wait for you.
  • If you are going to pick up students before school ends, please come to the office and sign that you have taken them.  Students will not be called to the office prior to parents actually coming in to the building to sign them out.  Please plan your pick-up time such that you have time to come in the building and sign the necessary documentation. 

Playground Rules


  1. Students stay on the west side of the sidewalk unless they are with an adult. (The east side is reserved for class activities only.
  2. Students do not play on the small grass area just outside of the south doors or in the door area.
  3. Swings: one person at a time, stand away from the swings while waiting, and don’t jump out.
  4. Do not jump from the top of the playground equipment.
  5. Do not throw wood chips.
  6. Climb up the ladders and slide down the slide.  Do not climb up the slide.


  1. Students do not play with or kick balls inside the courtyard.
  2. To protect the environment for trees, students will not play in the tree area.
  3. Students should not play “King of the Hill” on rocks.
  4. Students need to play on the west side of the painted line on playground.
  5. Ropes are for jumping, they are not to be used as reins, or leashes.
  6. Swings:  one person at a time, stand away from the swings while waiting.  Do not jump out.
  7. Do not get on top of the playground equipment.
  8. Do not throw wood chips.
  9. Climb up the ladders and slide down the slide.  Do not climb up the slide.

Both Levels

  1. Students do not play next to the ditch on the far west side of the property.  There have been issues with blocking water going to neighbor’s gardens.
  2. Balls are not to be kicked against the walls anywhere on school grounds.  No “Wall Ball”.
  3. Students do not leave the fenced-in areas.
  4. During winter, students do not play on the mounds of snow or slide on the ice.
  5. Students should use the equipment in the way that it was intended to be used, they should not climb on top of any piece of equipment that is not meant for climbing. ie. slide down the slide and not climb up the slide.
  6. Students do not play on the stairs.
  7. Students should not bring their own toys.