Iron County School District

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of South Elementary School, where excellence and achievement are traditions, is to prepare highly educated, self-reliant, socially sensitive students, by providing a relevant, Core Standards based education through the combined efforts of motivated students, involved parents, a dedicated and caring staff, and the effective use of community resources.


The staff of South Elementary has a vision of a school where teachers and students feel welcome and safe. We envision a school with high academic standards and behavioral expectations. Working together as a professional learning community, we see a school in which staff:

  • Have a common purpose and work together in collaborative teams to effectively use data to set SMART goals.

  • Use research based strategies for improving student achievement.

  • Monitor each students’ progress.

  • Enrich every student’s education through participation in the arts.

  • Provide a safe and consistent environment in which students have a right to thrive.

  • Savor opportunities to make a difference in a child’s life.