South Elementary has 19 classroom teachers that serve about 475  students.  We serve 3 sections of Kindergarten, 4 first grades, 3 second grades, 3 third grades, 3 fourth grades, and 3 fifth grades.  Collectively we have close to 450 years of teaching experience, and over 620 years of parenting experience!  Ten of us have masters degrees, Nine of us have degrees in something in addition to education.  Ten of us grew up in homes where one or both parents were teachers, and one of us suffered a father as a principal.  Twenty three of us have specialized endorsements in things such as reading, special education, and teaching gifted and talented students. We’ve been all over the world from Acapulco to Singapore; One of us has probably RUN around the world if you could count her footsteps.  Three of us have been chosen Teacher of the Year for either Iron County School District or the Cedar Area Chamber of Commerce.  Exceptional students attract exceptional teachers!!

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of South Elementary School, where excellence and achievement are traditions, is to prepare highly educated, self-reliant, socially sensitive students, by providing a relevant, Core Standards based education through the combined efforts of motivated students, involved parents, a dedicated and caring staff, and the effective use of community resources.

The staff of South Elementary has a vision of a school where teachers and students feel welcome and safe. We envision a school with high academic standards and behavioral expectations. Working together as a professional learning community, we see a school in which staff:

  • Have a common purpose and work together in collaborative teams to effectively use data to set SMART goals.
  • Use research based strategies for improving student achievement.
  • Monitor each students’ progress.
  • Enrich every student’s education through participation in the arts.
  • Provide a safe and consistent environment in which students have a right to thrive.
  • Savor opportunities to make a difference in a child’s life.

2020/2021 Improvement Goals