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How to access and electronically sign our computer Acceptable Use Policy, and Safe Schools Policy:

You can also access and electronically sign a generic field trips permission slip here, so your child may go on any field trips this year, even if you forget to sign their permission slip!




Coding Club

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Coding Club is coming to South Elementary in the Fall of  2016. Designed to help our students learn the basics of computer science in an innovative way, it also teaches critical thinking, logic, perseverance, problem solving, and creativity.   We are excited to offer this as a free,after school program for students in grades 2-5.  Each grade level will be scheduled 1 day/week for 1 hour with an enrollment of 30 students/grade level.   You may see the curriculum we will be using, as well as videos explaining coding, online at:   We will be advertising for a coordinator to run the program (5 hrs/week) later in the summer.  If you are interested in the coordinator position contact:


If you've recieved an alert pertaining to a new parent notification system that will soon be in place, please refer to this link: 

Link to information about Parent Notification System:



Here's a helpful link for GoMath struggles.  There is a video example from every lesson for every grade available.  Suppose you have a fourth grader whose class just had a lesson in division using the distributive property.  First: Click on this link:

Second:  choose your child's grade (in this case fourth)

Third: choose a chapter/topic (you may do best to choose by topic, as this is aligned with California's core, so the chapters may not exactly line up with ours.  We're going to choose Chapter 4-Divide by one digit numbers because we see that our child's homework is on division)

Fourth: choose the lesson 4.6 Division using the Distributive Property because that aligns even more clearly with the lesson my child's homework is targeting.

Watch the video with your child and see if it is helpful in completing the homework assignment.

What is MTSS?

MTSS stands for Multi Tiered System of Supports.  MTSS is the systematic, multi-tiered, problem-solving team approach of providing high-quality instruction/intervention matched to student needs and using learning rate over time and level of performance to make important education decisions. 

South Elementary in combined effort with the ICSD will implement MTSS in a continued effort to provide support for ALL students through ongoing collaboration involving teachers, administrators, families, specialists and community partners.

For more information on MTSS, check out our district's MTSS information web page:  or contact Mrs. Coonen at South Elementary.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

South Elementary understands that the safety of the students and staff on our campus is the first priority in any situation.  Due to the fact that an emergency can occur at any time, South Elementary believes it is of the utmost importance to be prepared for any and all hazards that may affect our schools.  An Emergency Operations Plan has been developed that will help to protect our most precious assets, our students and staff.

We ask that, in the event of an actual emergency, parents do all they can to help make the situation as safe as possible for their child by following the guidelines below:

  • Please refrain from contacting the school during an actual emergency, as school personnel will be busy dealing with that crisis.  We also recommend that you do not contact the Emergency Dispatch Center or other emergency services, as they will in all likelihood, be involved in the same crisis.  Parents will be notified, as soon as possible through text or email with updates about the situation. (see sign up information below)
  • Do not attempt to pick up your child during an emergency, as law enforcement will control parent and public access to the school during that emergency.   Whenever the school is allowed to release students, you will be notified.  Only authorized contacts listed on your child’s registration card will be allowed to pick up your child after an actual emergency.  Please note that a photo ID will also be required of anyone (including parents) attempting to pick up students after an emergency.  This is required as it is possible that school personnel assigned to release students may not recognize you as the parent or authorized adult to pick up the child. This procedure will be followed for your child’s own protection.
  • If students/staff need to evacuate the school, students will be transferred to a safe location. School personnel have been trained to keep your child safe during an evacuation.  When students have arrived at the designated location, you will be notified when and where they can be released to parents and/or whether buses will be able to transport students to their homes. 
  • If you are on the school premises during an emergency, or a drill, you will be asked to follow directions from staff without question.

While it is unsettling to think about emergencies happening to our children, frequent review and practice of emergency procedures at home and at school, will help everyone to be prepared.  Throughout the school year, students will be trained in emergency procedures and will be taught how to react, where to assemble and what to expect in an emergency situation.  We appreciate your help and understanding in this matter.

Congratulations 2015-16 Reflections Winners!

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